Clarevale Cottage

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Clarevale Winery Cooperative

Clarevale Co-operative Winery Limited approximately 1950

The Main House was once the office for the Clarevale Co-operative Winery Limited located across the road. The house was later purchased from the Winery by Brian and Janice Knappstein in February 1988.

In 1996 it was purchased by Monica and Graham Trengove and in 2007 ‘Clarevale Cottage’ was added to the main home.

Clarevale Cottage is within walking distance to the Riesling Trail Trailhead at the top of Lennon Street, where you can ride, walk or run on the beautiful Trail for which the Clare Valley is renowned. Below, the entrance to the Clarevale Co-operative Winery Limited.


Clarevale Co-operative Winery Limited

Trails are often referred to as Rail Trails and that’s because that’s what they were originally. When the trains stopped running, they were converted into running/cycling/walking trails. Below is a train coming into the station at the top of Lennon Street which is now known as the Riesling Trail.

Arrival of train

A train pulling into the station at the top of Lennon Street, now the famous Riesling Trail.